Yggdrasil Norse World Tree Gold Charm Earrings

Rose and Shadow

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Yggdrasil Norse World Tree Gold Charm Earrings.

These simple, yet elegant earrings are intended to symbolized the Norse tree of life, Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil was the tree that held the 9 worlds in Norse cosmology as well as being home several eternal creatures such as the dragon Mimir who slumbered at the base of the world tree guarding the Well of Urd, and the eternal stags who feasted on the branches of the tree. Yggdrasil also was home to another dragon named Nidhug who feasted on the roots of the tree, an eagle at the very top who was the dragon Nidhug's enemy and a squirrel who ran up down the tree.

All metal is 14 k gold plated, including ear wires. Earrings measure 1.5" by .9".

Comes with hand sewn crushed velvet drawstring bag in your choice color.