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Triskele Witch Bracelet: Turquoise Shell, Amethyst & Silver - Rose and Shadow

Triskele Witch Bracelet: Turquoise Shell, Amethyst & Silver

Artist: Rissa Whalen

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Turquoise Shell Amethyst Silver Triskele Witch Bracelet.

Amethyst is well known for its protective and amplifying properties. It resonates with the third eye and helps to strengthen one's aura against intrusion. The triskele is a symbol that tends to evoke something inside some people that has been long forgotten, almost like a memory. Containing three joining spirals, this symbol has the illusion of movement. This ancient symbol has been used by many groups throughout antiquity to symbolize different concepts. Symbolizing life itself, it is commonly used in relation to the triple aspect of the divine feminine. It is also commonly used to symbolize the triple concepts of mind/body/spirit, life\death\rebirth, underworld\middleworld\upperworld, earth\water\sky, or any other triple meaning that is personal to the wearer. In this piece it evokes the movements and qualities of water. Together with the amethyst and the iridescent shell beads, this piece becomes an elemental inspired piece resonating with the element of water.

All metal beads and findings are silver plated.

Measures 7 inches. Please measure your wrist before purchase.

Comes with hand sewn crushed velvet drawstring bag in your choice color.