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Onyx Witch's Knot Bracelet: Pagan Amulet Jewelry - Rose and Shadow

Onyx Witch's Knot Bracelet: Pagan Amulet Jewelry

Artist: Rissa Whalen

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Onyx Witch's Knot Bracelet: Pagan Amulet Jewelry

Onyx is well known for its powerful protective, transformative and neutralizing properties. It helps one to recognize and work with their own shadow in order to strengthen themselves on all levels. The celtic knot featured in this bracelet is the witch's knot which is symbolic of protection. It symbolizes the integration of the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water that results in harmony with the forces of the universe and fortification of self. Paired with the Onyx, this piece is a potent talisman for self strengthening and protection.

Celtic beads, spacers and findings are silver plated. The base wire is stainless steel coated in vinyl. 

Different sizes available. Please measure your wrist before purchase. Design will vary slightly to accommodate size.

Comes with hand sewn crushed velvet drawstring bag in your choice color.