Fortune Teller Bracelet: Crystal Ball Moon & Tarot - Rose and Shadow

Fortune Teller Bracelet: Crystal Ball Moon & Tarot

Artist: Rissa Whalen

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Fortune Teller Bracelet: Crystal Ball Moon & Tarot

This bracelet is made with purple amethyst, hematite and quartz gemstone beads and accented with three charms. The crystal ball, the moon and the tarot card in this piece are meant to represent the practices of divination and fortune telling. Spiritually associated with amplification of psychic energy and protection, quartz and amethyst, add the extra mystic quality to this piece. The hematite, also associated with protection, brings a grounding quality and duality that is the crux of divination, representing one foot in this world and one foot in the other. In order to have one foot in each world, the body, mind and spiritual capacities of the diviner must be mastered and this is represented with the triplicate gemstones as well as the triplicate charms. Hematite and the tarot represent the physical, Amethyst and the crystal ball represent the mind and Quartz and the Moon represent the unbound Spirit.

All metal beads and findings are silver plated. Strung on stainless steel wire coated in vinyl.

Please measure your wrist before purchase. Available in size 7.5.

Comes with hand sewn velvet drawstring bag in your choice color.