Fluorite Silver Wire Pendulum: Silver Dragonfly Dowsing Crystal

Artist: Rissa Whalen

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Fluorite Pendulum: Silver Dragonfly Dowsing Crystal

This pendulum is made from a green and purple striated fluorite crystal point which has been elegantly wrapped in silver wire and a beaded silver dragonfly charm. The dragonfly, is symbolically associated with the spirit world, spirit messages and transformation. Fluorite is known as a crystal that balances the mind and emotions, increases concentration and transmutes negative influences, making it easier to access the divine self. Fluorite paired with the dragonfly in this piece makes wonderful symbolism for communication with both spirits and the divine self in order to bring about beneficial changes in ones being. Perfect for integration of the shadow self. 

Chain measures 6 inches. All metal is silver plated.

Comes with hand sewn velvet bag in your choice color.