Fluorite Pendulum: Silver Mermaid Dowsing Crystal

Artist: Marissa Whalen

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Fluorite Pendulum: Silver Mermaid Dowsing Crystal

This pendulum is made from a unique colored fluorite crystal point and a silver mermaid charm. Mermaids or undines are known as elemental water spirits symbolizing beauty, song, love as well as deep, strong and sometimes volatile emotions.  Fluorite is known as a crystal that balances the mind and emotions, increases concentration and transmutes negative influences, making it easier to access the divine self. The crystal and symbolism when combined, symbolize calm waters and balance of the emotions in order to communicate with the divine self and is perfect for the seeker that may need a bit of help in that area. 

Chain measures 6 inches. Charm and chain is silver plated.

Comes with hand sewn velvet bag in your choice color.