Fairy Queen & Butterflies Under Full Moon: Original Painting 14 x 18 Canvas - Rissa - Rose and Shadow

Fairy Queen Full Moon: Original Painting 14 x 18 Canvas

Artist: Rissa Whalen

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This painting features a Fairy Queen dressed in blue surrounded by blue butterflies under a full moon. In the sky above the moon is the constellation of Leo reinforcing the fairy queen royal motif. The fairy is of fuller figure to bring in the symbolism of Cancer and the mother vibe. Her arms and head are raised slightly in awe of the trans-formative beauty that surrounds her. The whole painting is a marriage of Cancer and Leo symbolism and was painted during the full moon in Tropical Cancer/ Sidereal Leo. Since the switch from Cancer to Leo is from elemental water to fire, it further accentuates the underlying transformation theme, from mother and caretaker of one's tribe to royal leader and spiritual mother. The butterflies are seven in number indicating a divine influence and shaped as chromosomes which brings in a subtle nod to the influence of dna and legacy. All together this painting is about transformation, about stepping forward in to your divine feminine power and taking on a larger leadership role. 

Original Painting. Acrylic on Canvas. 14 x 18 inch. 

Artist: Rissa Whalen Signed Rissa 20'

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