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Celestial Sun & Moon Asymmetrical Silver Earrings - Rose and Shadow

Celestial Sun & Moon Asymmetrical Silver Earrings

Artist: Rissa Whalen

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Celestial Sun & Moon Asymmetrical Silver Earrings

The sun has been historically associated with life, happiness, prosperity and the divine. While at times the sun can been given feminine attributes, such as in Chinese legend, the sun has mainly symbolized the divine masculine in his creative form or sometimes even triple form of creation, preservation and destruction.

The moon is traditionally associated with the divine feminine, emotions and all things hidden. Also sometimes attributed to male energies in different cultures, such as in India and Mesopotamia where the moon god was called Sin and was the father of Ishtar.

Paired together, they represent the divine marriage of male and female energies no matter which energy is attributed to which celestial body much like the yin yang symbol in Chinese culture.

Ear wires are silver plated. Earrings measure 1.5" by .75" for the sun and 1.5" by .3" for the moon.

Comes with hand sewn velvet drawstring bag in your choice color.