Amethyst Crystal Dowsing Pendulum: Silver Celtic Knot

Artist: Rissa Whalen

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Amethyst Crystal Dowsing Pendulum: Silver Celtic Knot

This pendulum is made with a light purple colored amethyst crystal point and silver Celtic knot. Amethyst is known as a crystal that amplifies the energy of the psyche while also keeping it focused and stable. In ancient times, it was often set in to chalices to stave off drunkenness and to protect against poisoning. Today it is spiritually associated with psychic energy and protection, harking back to its traditional uses. The Celtic knot in this piece symbolizes the Gordian knot of the mind and emotions. Combined together this piece reminds one to be stable in mind and emotions in order to untangle the knot and to address the issues that the person is asking for help with. 

Chain measures 6 inches. Charm and chain are silver plated.

Comes with hand sewn velvet bag in your choice color.