Rissa's Commission Pricing

Rissa's Commission Pricing


Since there has been a increase in people interested in commissioning custom items and art I have written out this price list which is subject to change at anytime. If you are interested in a commission be sure use the contact us email form and we can work out what you want and I can make a private listing for purchase.  Life happens, so I may not be able to immediately respond but I will get back with you as soon as possible.


Just a couple of things to keep in mind, as the artist, I reserve the right to refuse commissions for any reason, including but not limited to, commission backlog, personal life events, shipment to certain countries, and lack of access to needed supplies. All commissions will require payment in full before the commission is to begin. This ensures commitment from both parties and allows me to obtain supplies that may be needed specific to the commissioned project.


For mini painting, after we discuss your vision in detail and you checkout, I will create a shipping label for you that is printable in order for you to send your mini to me to paint. After painting I will then photo the work for you to make sure you love it and then ship it back to you. Time to paint will depend on a variety of factors including commission backlog, life events, quantity and detail of your order. This will be discussed prior to purchase. 

Prices below do not include shipping (or for international customers, import duties/taxes for your country, these are your responsibility, see shipping page) Extreme detail in battle boards and paintings will increase the price and that will be discussed during our conversation. 


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Fantasy Art:

Canvas Paintings

5 by 7       $50                                        

8 x 10       $75                                          

9 x 12       $100                                           

11 x 14     $125                                         

12 x 16    $150                                     

14 x 18    $175                                    

16 x 20    $200                                    

18 x 24    $225   


D&D Table Top Gaming:                                   


Miniature Painting

  • Character Minis $35 

  • Detailed Character Minis (based off your characters portrait) $45

  • Monster Minis $15- $100 (depending on size, quantity, detail. For Example Goblins, skeletons, zombies $15 each Gigantic White Dragon, Cthulhu, Kraken $100 each) 

  • Scenery Minis $15- $150 (depending on size, quantity, detail For Example, signage, wells, trees, bags, horses and such $15 each; wagons, houses etc.. $40 each  Pirate ship $150 each)


Game Board Tiles - D&D Custom Campaign Locations

5 x 7        $30                ($25 a piece if ordering 2 or more)

8 x 10      $50                ($40 a piece if ordering 2 or more)

9 x 12      $65                ($50 a piece if ordering 2 or more)

11 x 14    $80                ($60 a piece if ordering 2 or more)

12 x 16    $115              ($90 a piece if ordering 2 or more)

14 x 18    $140              ($110 a piece if ordering 2 or more)

16 x 20    $165              ($135 a piece if ordering 2 or more)

18 x 24    $215              ($175 a piece if ordering 2 or more)