Balancing Energy During This Pandemic

With everything going on right now and so much demanding our attention, its really easy to fall in to a mindset of fear anger and hopelessness.  There is so much death and fear everywhere, but there has to be a balance. There has to be a way to balance the energy of the overwhelming fear of pending death and illness. I mean, illness is disease and disease by its definition is unbalance. As a student of astrology, Vedic astrology, not western, I realized that this pandemic was tied to astrological movements, Saturn conjunct Pluto, Jupiter and Mars in Capricorn with Rahu in Ardra in Gemini.  That this pandemic was its manifestation and I should be more worried about balancing the energy out in my life than fighting its manifestation. So, the opposites to Saturn Jupiter Mars and Rahu are Moon, Mercury, Venus and Ketu. To balance out the energy there needs to be emotion, communication, beauty and spirituality. Then I realized that art, especially painting, can fulfill all of this criteria. But the issue was, I didn't want to paint because I was stuck in energetic muck that is being spread by everyone and broadcast everywhere like magical programming...."Wear a mask! Wash your hands! Deadly Virus!" Then I realized, that the main component to this is Saturn as its the ruler of Capricorn. Saturn with his rules and procedures is running this show. The feelings I was having were due to the influence of Saturn. I decided to hell with it, and gave myself permission to enjoy life and drop all the restrictions I had placed on myself, to let go of all that Saturn energy. I decided to let in the Moon energy, the feminine form of creation and just paint. And after I had painted and spoke with a friend, I noticed there has been a moon theme for quite a while in my work which makes perfect sense as Saturn is transiting my natal Moon.  So on this lovely full Super Moon I will share some of the oil paintings I have been working on. As they are done in oils, some of these are still in progress.

First, Crystals and Cards.


This painting features divination items such as a crystal ball, pendulum and tarot deck. Lots of Moon, Mercury Venus and Ketu energy in this piece. This is only stage two and I may add more details and shadows to this in future layers. 

Next, Underwater Mermaid Harvesting Seaweed. 

This painting is a mermaid harvesting seaweed underwater.  The light in the center is actually the surface of the water and the sunlight above. Lots of Venus and Moon energy here with the water. 


Next, Purple Mushroom Fairy.

This painting is a fairy on a mushroom in front of a log. She is peacefully sitting on the mushroom in meditation. She as well as the mushrooms are self luminous. This piece has lots of Ketu, Moon Venus and Mercury energy. 

Next, Moonlight Swans.

Two swans swoon in the moonlight.  Venus and Moon energy galore.... Still in progress. Notice the Full Moon in the constellation of Libra....


Next, Lotus and Koi Fish.

A beautiful lotus surrounded by mystical koi fish. Still in progress but lots of Venus, Moon Ketu and Mercury energy.

Last, what are Koi fish without a Dragon....

Just a magical dragon with glowy eyes.  Awesome.... Ketu and moon energy all the way.

Thanks for taking a look at my paintings and listening to my thoughts. Hope it was enjoyable. Some of these may go up for sale once they are finished, dry and varnished. 

Remember, you have permission to enjoy life.  Be happy and cultivate your joy.