Welcome to Rose and Shadow!  This site is an artistic gift shop and is built around the themes of fantasy, witchcraft and magic. So if you are looking for the perfect witchy gift, or a fantastic piece of fantasy art you are in the right place! 

Fantasy Art

Fantasy Art Paintings

Check out the Fantasy Art Paintings section to see what paintings are ready to ship.

Original Painting Commissions

Are you looking for that perfect gift for someone who loves all things fantasy and magic and just can't seem to find one? Why not have a painting commissioned?

That sounds amazing!

Dungeons and Dragons

Mini Painting Commissions

Do you have a ton of minis lying around not painted? Why not have an artist do it for you?

Let's do it!

Battle Board Commissions

Are you wanting to improve your game with awesome custom battle boards? Why not have some made?

That's an option?!

Fantasy Fyx

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